What is Ghost?

GHOST is a Proof of Stake privacy coin to help make you nothing but a "ghost" when transacting online!

What are the future plans for Ghost?

You can view more information about this in our Whitepaper and Roadmap.

What is the average speed of a Ghost public/private transaction?

Transactions will show up in your wallet in less than a second. For the first confirmation it usually takes 1-2 minute.

What are the fees for sending a transaction?

A fraction of a penny.

Where can I see the status and transactions on the Ghost blockchain?

The status of the Ghost Blockchain, peers, blocks, and transactions can be found on https://ghostscan.io/


How does Staking work?

Here is a link to a really well written explanation of Proof of Stake, Proof of Work VS Proof of Stake

How can I stake my Ghost for rewards?

You can stake your Ghost in several different ways:

  1. By having the Official Ghost Wallet open and running your Ghost coins will automatically be staking (“hot staking”) for as long as the Ghost application is running.
  2. Second, and the “best” option, is to setup a VPS (virtual private machine) that is linked to your wallet via our Cold Staking implementation that will stake your Ghost 24.7 without the need to have the Ghost Wallet running.
  3. Finally, the easiest and simplest way, would be to join a Staking Pool. In this method you do not need to do anything highly technical. Several users pool their coins together and the pool operator generally takes a fee from the rewards to maintain the server and disperses the payouts to users who are joined in the pool.

My coins are not being staked, what's going on?

Public inputs (ghost coins) needs to have atleast 225 confirmations before they become eligible for staking. This generally takes between 5-8hrs.

How often will I get rewards for staking?

The amount you will recieve rewards depends on how many Ghost you have. There is a feature on the Ghost wallet that provides you with an estimated reward time.

If you have less than 1000 Ghost coins it’s recommended that you look into joining a pool as you will earn more consistent rewards this way.

Will I be penalized if I stop staking?

No you will not be penalized if you stop staking via the wallet or cold staking.

Why is my staking weight/time changing?

Your staking weight will fluctuate as more individuals stake their funds or remove their funds from being staked. In essence it shows how much your weight encompasses the network stakeweight.

Is staking safe?

Yes, hot staking within the wallet is safe however it’s recommended to cold stake if possible.

What is Cold Staking and how do I set it up?

We’ve created a cold staking guide that you can read through, here https://medium.com/@GhostbyMcAfee/vps-cold-staking-setup-612d6f63242b

Ghost Veterans

What is "Ghost Veterans"?

To be eligible to become a Ghost Veteran you must have a balance that is at least 20,000 GHOST in your wallet. Additionally these funds can not be spent within a 30 day period. If both these criteria are met you will receive your share of a reward from the Ghost Veteran Reward pool with a multiplier based on the increments of 20,000 GHOST that you have.

What is the Ghost Veteran Reward pool?

The Ghost Veteran Reward (GVR) pool is an accumulation of GHOST coins over a 30 day period that are dispersed to eligible Ghost Veterans. Currently 6 GHOST are added to this pool every block, or roughly every 2 minutes.

Can we lower the amount of Ghost needed to become a Ghost Veteran?

Yes, Ghost is a decentralized community project. Soon there will be a bounty website where proposals can be voted on by the community.

Can Ghost Veterans stake without losing their rewards?

Yes, staking does not affect your Ghost Veteran status, only sending funds directly to another address would disqualify you.

ERC-20 Ghost Swap

Where and how do I swap Ghost ERC-20 to Mainnet?

Instructions for swapping tokens can be found here, https://medium.com/@GhostbyMcAfee/ghost-wallet-2-0-6-is-live-8974f13a307b

Why would I swap my ERC-20 Ghost?

1. Full Privacy, 2. Staking Rewards, 3. Ghost Veteran Rewards.

I swapped my ERC-20 Ghost and still haven't received mainnet Ghost, what do I do?

This process could take some time (~30 minutes generally but sometimes hours). Rest assured that the transaction history is stored on the blockchain and your Ghost erc-20 tokens or mainnet coins are not lost.

How much time do I have to swap Ghost ERC-20 to Ghost Mainnet?

There is not a time limit on when you have to swap your coins. However if you are a Ghost Veteran (holding more than 20k GHOST) you will need to swap your ERC-20 -> mainnet before July 21st, 2020 to be eligible to receive the first month of ghost veteran reward.

What happens to ERC-20 Ghost after the swap?

They are burned, you can track how many ghost have been burned on the Ghost contract here, https://etherscan.io/address/0x4c327471C44B2dacD6E90525f9D629bd2e4f662C

What happens to ERC-20 Ghost after the swap?

Since the Ghost mainnet recently launched most of the websites are showing results for the ERC-20 version of Ghost. However the pricing for Mainnet and ERC-20 are almost identical.

Exchanges / Wallets

Where can I buy Ghost?

The exchanges to purchase Ghost ERC-20 are listed at the bottom of the main site. For Ghost mainnet coins this process is still ongoing.

What wallet can I use for Ghost?

Currently you can download the official Ghost Wallet here, https://ghostwallet.io/

There will be other wallets supporting Ghost in the future.

Where is the mobile wallet?

Mobile wallet integration is underway.

Does the Ghost wallet update itself?

No. But the wallet updates the latest core automatically. You will need to update the main wallet client yourself by downloading the new version as it's released.

I waited the estimate time to get a reward but why I have not received it yet!?

Typically this is just an average estimate that shouldn’t be relied upon. There are many factors that go into staking. If you have under 1000 Ghost it is recommended you join a staking pool, as you will receive more consistent rewards this way.

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